Monday, 4 July 2011

Tarrraaaah! I have finished my quilt top!!

Evening Peeps

I am afraid I am a little later posting this tonight but Hubby and I were somewhat distracted. I will tell you more later.

I wanted to show you how my quilt top that I have been working on over the past few months (since September if truth be known)!!

First I showed you this......

Then I showed you this.......

Well now I can show you this.......

And this.....

And this.......

Oh! I am sooo happy that I have finished this top!!  I actually completed it on Friday night/Saturday morning after deciding that July was going to be my finishing month.  Finishing projects I have made but not shown you yet, projects that I have started and not finished yet and of projects that I have got the idea/want to make but haven't got round to doing yet. Why?  Because if I don't get them done pretty soon then I will be hard pushed to get everything done that I want done by the end of November so that I can join in all the Christmas challenges and fun without having put them off to finish something needed before Christmas!!  I have also been asked by the local Cancer Research group to have a craft stall at their Fete at the local Church at the beginning of December so have to make goodies for that too!!!

Now why am I late?  One word.  Chickens!!!

When I come home from work I let the chickens out of their run so that they can have some freedom in the garden and eat up any garden gremlins for me.  They never go further than the path and the area immediately surrounding the run. At about 9 o'clock I went to get my washing off the line and there were 3 chickens in the run and 3 running up and down the path.  I told them that they had until sunset at 9.16pm and I would be coming out to shut them into the run for the night.

At 9.20pm I went out, checked inside the coup and there were 3 chickens, the other 3 were nowhere to be seen.  I started looking in their usual haunts, hiding behind the potato plants, behind the compost bin, underneath the trees, around the back of the house (they keep looking but have not gone yet).  Then I came back into the house to put the wellies on (I only had my flip flops on initially) then went up the footpath at the back of the house, down the bottom of the garden, then Hubby stirred himself and helped, having realising that something was not right.  By 10 o'clock we had decided that there was nothing else we could do but go in and hope they would find their way back home by the morning.  What happened next was hilarious.

I was fretting by now and don't ask me why but I looked above where my husband was standing, him being on a lower level of the garden, and looked up.  Up into the Walnut tree to be precise.  And then burst out laughing!!!  Hubby did not know what had possessed me.  In amongst the ivy growing up the tree were the 3 chooks quite happily snuggled down for the night.  We tried throwing some corn and then some gentle watering up there in the hope they would think it was raining but to no avail!

So, I am now going to pop out with wellies and torch to see if they are still up the tree or if they have seen sense and fancy a warm cosy bunk for the night.

I will let you know tomorrow what happens!!

Edit:  Just to let you know that the Naughty Chooks are safe and sound and back in their run this morning with the other three chooks!!  A little corn and coaxing and they went back in quite happily. 

Night Night

Thanks for looking and please leave me a comment!


P.S.  Yes I did take some photos so will post one tomorrow too.  


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I am in total AWE of your amazing quilt - there is no way that I would have the patience to attempt anything quite so painstaking as that - simply gorgeous. Thank you for your kind comments last week, it meant a lot :) xx

Wipso said...

Your quilt is really special. Well done you for completing it. And as for your chickens....I'm sat here chuckling....what characters!
A x

Polly Polkadot said...

I love the kalidescope effect on the quilt - does it have a name? (the effect, not the quilt).
As for chickens, sounds like its wing clipping time or you will be climbing trees every night from now on!