Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WOYWW 99- A Real Mess I am Afraid!!

Hello there Fellow Crafters

It is Wednesday, not quite 5 to 5 (giving my age away there don't you think?), so it is time for WOYWW!!  I cannot believe that it is the last one in April.  Where has this month gone?  If you do not know what I am on about, then click HERE and you will be whisked via Crackerjack magic over to the desk of Julia who is the host of WOYWW.

Well, here goes... I am afraid that my desk is a real mess this week (nothing much new there then I hear you say!) as I am mid project.

I am making a paper bag album in the style of Laura of Following the Paper Trail who I found on You Tube  HERE .  I loved her album and decided to use all the paper bags I had left to make an album of my Coast 2 Coast trip I made on my bicycle back in 1999!! It is still in the "putting it together stage" but it should not take too long now as the hard work has been done, including the canvas cover. 
I coloured it with acrylic paint first and then sprayed colour washes (don't ask what colours - I just kept grabbing different ones!), then I did not like it so I swooshed the canvas with babywipes, added more paint, then more colour washes, wipes until in the end I decided that I should let it dry and see what I thought in the morning.  I loved it once it was dry so just added some glimmer mist to give it a little sparkle and adhered it to the book!
You may notice that there is a Lonely Planet book on Scotland on my desk too.  I find these soooo useful when adding journalling to my albums as they provide information which may have been forgotten in the meantime.  I bought this book only three years ago when Hubby and I went to Scotland, even travelling on some of the roads which I undertook on my tour.  I think we were both shocked at some of the hills I climbed!!  Especially so the Lecht Ski  Centre and Tomintoul!!

Well, off to have a go at driving my jalopy (Clarissa) today!!!  Yippeeeee!  My knee has come on leaps and bounds in the last few days, including my ankles becoming my own again and not the horrid puffy swollen ones that were not mine!!!  I have been very good at following the advice of the Physiotherapist and Frankie at doing my exercises every day, and I feel it shows!  Thanks Guys!!




Sarpreet said...

lots of lovely goodies there, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk. #31.

SueH said...

What a fab project and a great way to remember all the wonderful memories you must have of your trip.

Happy Crafting!

Suzilou said...

WOW what a busy desk, can't wait to see your completed paper bag album, looks fab so far :) xx

okienurse said...

Great page there! Love to hear someone else crafts like me...trail and error style! Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #35

RosC said...

Busy desk, lots happening about Scotland. I just ordered one of those whirlygigs for applicators today. It's only one storey but I don't have a lot. All the best.
Ros. (90)

MaggieC said...

There is one thing, you will never be able to replicate that layout, it will remain totally unique. I also tend to play around with different mediums until I get the result I like. Yours looks very pretty. Glad you like my embroidery designs reborn. I thought they were too good to destroy completely.

Minxy said...

My my, you have got a busy desk.. plenty to keep you amused.. And just so you know I built up my spinners 1 at a time so there is still chance for you to catch up lol
StAy InKy
hUgS MiNxY x
{ps it's Julia not Linda that hosts woyww}

lisa said...

I'm so glad you're up and about and driving again, Sam, that's great news.
Your desk looks fantastic. I know what you mean about looking up journalling stuff, I do it all the time. Those names made me smile, reminded me of the days of Wake Up To Wogan!!!
Hugs Lisax

Spyder said...

ohoo what a fabulous esk you have, making me miss mine even more! Love your ink dabber thingies (haven't got any of them yet) love your layouts etc great snoop thank you for dropping by my very boring desk this week...but should be home by the weekend Happy very late woyww

Spyder said...

sorry..... for esk read desk!!!

voodoo vixen said...

What a fabulous album that will be when its completed!! Love the highland cattle photo... I love those guys and have to slow down at the field they are in whenever I go to the supermarket just to look at them (that's at home in Scotland... not here in Canada)!! Annette #5

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Sam loving your hairy coo!!I loved Scotland when there too..Running very late here happy WOYWW - thanks for popping over! I really love your ideas!! Shaz in oz.x

RosA said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Your desk looks great to me! Love those hairy Highland cattle. Of course, I have only seen them on tele like Hamish Macbeth, I think!

Nicky said...

Love the idea of a paper bag album - great colours and very busy desk