Sunday, 10 April 2011

Would anyone like to make a Stamp Book with me?

Good evening Crafters

What a glorious weekend, weatherwise, we have had.  I hope you all had a good time at Ally Pally, those of you who were able to go.  I am not jealous at all, not, not, not!!  I will be there at the next one, have no fear!!

I mentioned on WOYWW last Wednesday that I would put a tutorial on here as to how I made my Stamp Book which was on my desk in the photo.
I have had a few responses from people wishing to make one, so I am letting you have a requirements list tonight and I will give you until next weekend to gather your bits so that we can make one together next weekend.  By then the weather is allegedly going to be cold again so you won't be wanting to go outside anyway!!

Here is the first book I made some two years ago....
 As you can see it was made to house my Tim Holtz stamps because I had bought this stamp set....
and I did not have anywhere to keep the stamps safely once the packet had been opened.  My collection of acrylic stamps at that time were being kept in a basket and sometimes  they would slip and slide all over the place when I was rummaging through the basket looking for a particular one.   It was time to sort the problem out!!
After the initial book I went on to make several more, (that paper set above was one of my favourites! I have a few sheets left for that something special project!!!), including a Christmas one ....

and one which I adapted in order that I could hold unmounted stamps in it, which is now getting a little full, so I may just make a new one specifically for my Paperartsy stamps.
At least with this method of storage, it is pretty easy to make a new book when the current books are full!!! 

Requirements List:-
Thick chipboard - I use a wonderful chipboard which is about 3mm thick and which I buy from The Art Shop in Abergavenny.  Despite its thickness it cuts beautifully with a rotary cutter and can withstand a fair bit of bashing and carting to crops.  The Art Shop will soon have an online shop but in the meantime, if you cannot get to Abergavenny, you can usually pick up chipboard from shops such as Hobbycraft and other good art shops.
Bookrings 2" - three if you are using Tim Holtz stamp sheets or otherwise possibly four.
Unmounted stamp sheets/folders - If you are using the Ranger stamp sheets you can buy them here (amongst other places).  If you are using zip folders (as in my last book) they are usually available at Ryman or W H Smith. 
4 sheets of heavyweight Paper/cardstock - this binder is going to take quite a bashing so use a good heavy quality paper to avoid it getting ripped and torn too quickly.
Wet glue - mod podge or Christine Helmuth medium (love this stuff), you can buy it here.
Brayer - makes it easier to adhere the glue.
Corner rounder - if you like your corners rounded.
Cropadile - gonna need to make large holes.
Large eyelet - so you can thread your ribbon through without tearing the chipboard cover.
Large pronged brad or a button with a shank on to make the closure.
12" piece of ribbon - not too thick, say 1/2" width, to make closure.
Masking tape.
Selection of matching ribbons/fibres  -to decorate rings.
Ink/krylon pen - to ink the edges.
Embelishments - time to have fun!!  The world is your oyster!!
Foam pads.

This list is not exhaustive, and I am sure that something or other will have been left off but do not panic!!

Please let me know if you wish to join in with making yourself a little stamp book with me.  I will hopefully have a new set of Wendy Vecchi stamps to make a new book for by the end of the week, however, I will give you full measurements/allowances on the way and you can always e-mail me if you are not sure what size you need to make your book. 

Happy Crafting.


Please note I am not being sponsored by any store to promote them.  I have just put links to stores to make it easy for you to know where you can purchase the parts.  You are, of course, free to use a store of your choosing.


jenny said...

Hettie, your stamp storage books are just gorgeous... and such a practical idea...

Have a happy week...
Jenny x

rach said...

I'm looking forward to doing this with you. Going shopping today for some bits.

Caroline Hallett said...

These books are lovely - and I think you read my mind - I am looking to make just this very thing for my new stamp sets. THANK YOU - I am patiently awaiting instructions please

Suzilou said...

WOWsers what a fab idea, I have got all my stamps in a basket atm and forget I have got half of them. Don't think I will be around much at the weekend, but will definately pop back if you are posting intructions :)

jude said...

#Thanks hun i will have to see if i can get out and get some board as dont think i will have enough.
will be patiently aaiting instructions
thanks hunni
hugs judex

Silvia(Barnie) said...

How cool, such a fantastic idea.