Friday, 15 April 2011

I Got the Flutterby Blues!!! Sunday Stamper

Good Evening there Fellow Crafter

Brrr!  Is it cold this evening or is it me?

I have been fit and well enough to go playing in my Craft Room today and thought I would work on my entry for the Sunday Stampers' Challenge over on Hels Sheridan's blog.  This week's theme is Blue, hence my title!!  Get it?

This stamp is one I bought some time ago and I absolutely lurve it, but don't get much chance to use it as it is not everyone's cup of tea, so I dusted it off the other day, inked it with embossing ink, stamped a canvas board and then embossed the stamping with clear embossing powder and heated it with my trusty heat gun. 

Hey presto!  A stamped image which you couldn't see (not much sense in that ey!). Then the inkey messey magic started!!!!  (Ooooo I love this next bit!!!)  I do try to not make too much mess in my Craft Room as it took sooooooo long for my Darling Hubby to build it for me, I don't really want to mess up his handiwork.  So when it comes to spraying anything, I tend to use a beautiful (yes, I mean to say that it looks lovely!) pizza box, (you know the ones that suppliers send us our goodies in), and always making sure there is some plain white cardstock in the bottom ready to make some lovely patterned/coloured card for later use, I place the object d'art (getting posh now!) in the bottom and spray away.  That way hopefully not too much of the spray gets to places where it is not wanted (especially on the pooch if he is in the room!!).  Hence, I put the canvas board into the said box and sprayed with firstly Stream and then Denim Adirondack colour wash - or as the bottles say color wash!  Then I hobbled downstairs to make a cuppa and let it dry a little before I did something stupid like put my fingers in the wet ink!!

Then after enjoying a cuppa I hobbled back up to my room and finished off the drying process with my trusty heat gun.  I put the iron on (no steam) and got some nice clean paper out and proceeded to iron the board with the paper on top to soak up the embossing powder.  Oooo!  I sure was happy with the result. Just now needed to finish the project.  I fed the board through my Big Shot with one of the On the Edge dies from Mr Tim, made two holes along the top edge so I could feed some wire through to hang the final piece up, wrapped some of my new Bakers' Twine around the bottom edge, made a lovely flower, again colour washed.   Then I remembered that I had some silk coney (cocoons!) things and some silk thread so I added a little ink to the edges and threaded some of the silk threads through, and tied then together and threaded the with the wire.  Attached some lace and a flower and a flutterby which I had stamped then painted with Perfect Pearls and hey presto, my blue piece was born.

I hope you like it and please pop over to Hels' blog HERE to have a look at some of the other pieces entered for the challenge, and don't forget to leave me a comment so that I know you have been.

TTFN and Happy Crafting weekend!!



Hels Sheridan said...

Good Evening Sam, how do you do? I almost failed to recognise one as one was talking all proper like... lol
LOVE this piece... NEED that stamp, it has been on my wish list for like 873years... as for the coccoons... NEED those too!!! this is a delight in blue! THanks for joining in with the SS... hoping your knee is getting better and better x

Karen said...

Sam this is stunning, its so beautiful - I love it all! I hope your knee is continuing to heal{{hugs}}, Karen xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh I love this! love that stamp too! I too have a box that I keep to do my spraying in - great minds think alike eh!