Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Funny

The New 2015 Ford

Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women.

Mixing the Renault 'Clio' and the Ford 'Taurus' they have designed the ‘Clitaurus'.

It comes in pink, and the average male car thief won't be able to find it - let alone turn it on - even if someone tells him where it is and how to do it.

Rumour has it though, it can be a real bitch to start in the morning!

Some have reported that on cold winter mornings, when you really need it, you can't get it to turn over.

New models are initially fun to own, but very costly to maintain, and horribly expensive to get rid of.

Used models may initially appear to have curb appeal and a low price, but eventually have an increased appetite for fuel, and the curb weight typically increases with age.

Manufacturers are baffled as to how the size of the boot increases, but say that the paint may just make it LOOK bigger.

This model is NOT expected to reach collector status. Most owners find it is best to lease one, and replace when it becomes troublesome.

Hope this gave you a giggle on a Friday!!

Joining up with my friend Annie for Friday Smiles!! 


SARN said...

Sounds about right! LOL! x

Annie said...

Oh Sam....where do you find them? We both had a good giggle at this one.
Annie x

Twiglet said...

Yep that's about it! Must go - busy getting my dumflings ready to go!!!! x Jo

Jenny L said...

Hi Sam,
this is a gem.
I do love my chuckle every Friday with you.
Now some Fridays I definitely need the Tena Ladies. lol.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Kathleen said...


Kath x

mamapez5 said...

You´re always good for a laugh Hettie. Kate x

Brenda said...

LOL This was a cute one Sam! Hugs, Brenda

Robyn Oliver said...

Well done once again find the coolest jokes...this is probably one of those 'smart' cars. Have a great weekend Robyn