Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hello there Blogging friends.

Unfortunately my email account got hacked last night.  If you receive an email from me that looks a trifle odd, maybe with a line of Harry Potter or requesting that you follow a link, DO NOT open it.  Just delete it. 

It doesn't appear to be harmless just annoying.  It will take you to a BBC website page and then email all your friends with silly emails.  

If you have received emails from me before you will know that I have a long signature message at the end.  These annoying ones don't.

Sorry about this.



Annie said...

I got one that I deleted straight away without opening it so if you emailed me about anything else please let me know.
Annie x

Kathyk said...

How very vexing for you, perhaps Hermione Granger could conjure up a spell to use on the people who hacked your account.

Seriously, hope you get it sorted soon. Best of luck


Di said...

I got one but just deleted it right away.

Hugs, Di xx

Helen said...

how frustrating, why do these people do it>!!

Kathleen said...

How very frustrating.

Kath x

lisa said...

Thanks for the warning, deleted it straight away. Xx
Hugs Lisax

butterfly said...

Oh no - like Helen, I just don't understand what anyone gets from it... Hope you can sort it all out, and thanks for the warning.

Must go to bed now, but will be round to catch up some time tomorrow!
Alison xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Well, now I feel left out that I didn't get one from you. I'll just pretend that my spam guard caught it and that you still love me. ;-)