Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WOYWW 137 - I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very Important Date!!

Hello Peeps

As the title suggests I am a little late in joining the WOYWW Gang today.  I am having a bit of a topsy turvey day as Hubby started his new employment, yesterday being an induction day and today he started his proper work.  I have kinda got used to him being home for the last two weeks and found it strange getting back into the routine this morning!  Hence I couldn't post this morning before I went to work, the photos were on my camera which my computer in work doesn't like very much (soooo slow uploading to Blogger from work, in my lunch break of course!) and as I am determined to get to my target weight by the time I go on holiday I am upping the anti on my Wii so knew that if I sat down to do this post, my Wii would go by the wayside.  Anyhoooos I am here now!

Happy Hump Day!!  Yeay!! 

For anyone who has suddenly landed on this planet and does not know what WOYWW is then click HERE and you will be transported by Cadbury's Finger magic over to the desk of the beloved leader of the Gang, Julia!

So what is on my desk today I hear you cry..

It is a bit of a fabric kinda desk today.  I decided a few weeks ago that one week every month I would dedicate my crafting to my quilting/sewing.  And it is THIS week!  Over at the quilting group the theme for the Challenge Quilt is Triangles. 

I have been holding onto this magazine for absolutely eons of years (at least 1996 as they are advertising for tours to America to take place in 1996) because of this pattern.   And now I have the opportunity to drag out all the check fabrics I have saved over the years and the calico and start cutting.  Watch this space. 

And as a special treat for all of you who were disappointed to find my Cadburys Finger tins empty the other week, guess what I bought for you so please tuck in!  Leave the plate behind though I will be watching!!

Before I go, can I show you what my darling Hubby bought for me on the weekend?  Flowers? No. Chocolates? No.  Spa Day? No.  But this.........

Complete with panel pins too. True love ey!  I received a lovely book from the Sweet Sarah for winning the Mojo Monthly for December and it is full of wonderful ideas for playing with canvases.  So as I was reading it I asked Hubby if he had a mitre block/box so I could saw wooden frames for the canvases I am going to create (being positive here you see!).  He said Yes but that I wasn't using it.  So he bought me my own.  Who said love isn't practical ey?  Me thinks I am going to have to use my Distress Stains on it!!




Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol - greater love hath no man than when he buys his wife a mitre block!! Fab prezzy!
You have way more patience than me in doing patchwork, I just know it would be a disaster if I tried. I simply am not meticulous enough...I know myself well :)
Hugs, LLJ #43 xx
PS Nice nibbly, choccy fingers - look but don't touch for me as I started at Slimming World last week...*sigh*

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Mmmm, yummy . . . thanks for that choccie finger . . . delish.

Happy quilting.
Happy WOYWW.
Happy Hump Day . . . think that about covers everything.

Nos Da xxxx

Craftgirl said...

Fancy getting your own mitre block.
I hope we get to see what you do with it. Can I eat your creative display of cadbury's fingers please.


JoZart said...

Fab post to see what you are up to and it's all interesting. Great gift to get the mitre block. My bestest gift was a work bench/box with a vice incorporated. Keep those Jimmy Choos and Laboutins! I've taken quite a few chocky fingers.... glad to taste they are Cadburys... but I left the plate. Portmeirion, of course. I have a collection of them in the garage cupboards ready to go on ebay!
JoZarty x

jude said...

Hetti those will look fab with distress stains .Crafter for my own heartjust love Tim for releasing those stains!Can't get enough of them!Good luck with the quilt have creative week.Happy woyww hugs judex14

butlersabroad said...

Ooh, I spotted the mitre block straight away and knew exactly what it was too! That's a beautiful quilt, no wonder you've kept the magazine all that time. I like the thought of you sitting miserly by the fire sorting out your little ribbon bundles into a drawer!! Ribbon envy eh, who would have thought that was even possible!

Brenda 104

voodoo vixen said...

I love that you have been hanging onto that magazine for so long... it sort of gives me hope that all the articles I have kept may actually come to fruition at some point in the future... don't be holding your breath over that one though!!

Di said...

Yikes Sam - I've just remembered a load of patchwork that I started in the 1980's! About once a year I remember it, check it's not been eaten by moths and forget it again. No doubt you'll have waaaaay more tenacity than that though. Thanks for the choccie finger! Di xx

Neil said...

Hi there, just a flying visit this morning, trying to get round to as many desks as I can before work starts! Thanks for sharing your creative space. Yep, a nice bit of distress stain on the mitre will work a treat!
I hope the rest of your week goes well for you.

May said...

Yum thanks for the choco bickie, Happy WOYWW, good luck to your DH in his new job, Hugs May x x x x x

Karen said...

Sam it sounds like you are having a busy time ATM with lots going on! I love the idea of altering the mitre slightly, that would look really great :) Enjoy your sewing, I love the quilting magazine, some gorgeous projects in there :)

Have a great weekend, luv Karen xxx

CraftygasheadZo said...

The fabrics look fab. Thanks for sharing. Zo x

Li'l Pidge said...

With you on the Wii-love the boxing and hoola hoop!! What a great idea to dedicate one week to sewing, and what a lovely hubby to buy you a mitre block-cant wait to see the canvasses you make.

kyla #39
ps-thanks for the cadbury choccy finger!

Polly Polkadot said...

I thought I finished the last christmas choc today, but I've just remembered another stash, so no point in starting the diet until then. I'm trying to instil discipline to my crafting but I'm failing badly - just go with the flow girl!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Sam I love that, he won't share his mitre block! Like the discipline of the idea of a week a month for fabrics..and that quilt pattern is ggggggooorggggggeeeoousss! an you make two at a time?!!

lisa said...

Ohh thanks for the choccy fingers, Sam. They've just filled a corner before lunch with my coffee!! I've washed the plate and put it back, lol.
You look as though you have lots planned with that beautiful quilt and I love the fact that your Hubby bought you a mitre block, much better than flowers. I wonder if I could get away with distressing the one my hubby has!!
Hugs Lisax #101

Mrs A. said...

Love those check fabrics and that you keep magazines for as long as I do just for using one day. Hugs Mrs A.

Katie said...

Aw, what a great gift from your hubby!

Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
Katie #16

Lou said...

Just managing to make it round to a few more desks before the fun starts all over again tomorrow, I didn't realise how long it takes to leave everyone comments rather then just peeking at their desks, Awww what a wonderfully thoughtful hubby, Hope you have a great day Lou #94