Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WOYWW 131 - Yey I am back!! And it is a Mess!!

Hi Peeps

I am back!! 

Unfortunately I was AWOL last week due to things getting pretty hairy last week and life getting in the way.  I hope that the DJ Julia does not punish me severely but I just knew I would not be able to get round the desks so apologies.

This week sees me in a bit of a pickle making cards and my desk has returned to a messy state, but I assure you this is all one project and I blame it all on Mr Tim Holtz!
You see, I am trying my best to follow Mr Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas but unfortunately I have only actually succeeded in making two.  However, as a result of making the second of my tags I got a bit carried out with the printing of stamps in colour and kinda kept going on pieces of paper – 21 times!!!  I just kept going until I ran out of space on the desk, floor, printer and any other place I could put them to dry!!  Yesterday evening I then added the Perfect Pearls (again having to let them dry) and cutting holly leaves and berries, trimming the printed designs, punching the corners, inking the edges and then I started putting the cards together!  Also in amongst the stamped cards are some of the other designs I had started last week so I should have a good pile of hand made cards to send out.

As you can see, I even have an untidy floor as a result of rifling through my ribbon tin to try to use up as much ribbon out of there before I start on using the rolls!!! 

Hey ho!  Hopefully by tomorrow they will all be finished in time for me to get in the post.  I even managed to rope Hubby into the cards thing this year by asking him to type up the addresses onto the computer so that I can print out labels!  Usually he leaves the whole process to me and he only buys, writes and gives one card – MINE!!!!   

I am at dancing tonight so will be round to see your desks via the WOYWWnet later today or maybe tomorrow.

Have fun and Keeeeeeeep Crafting!!



lisa said...

Blimey you sound incredibly busy Sam. I haven't even tried doing any of Tim's tags this year. I think I managed 3 or 4 last year but there's no chance this year. I still haven't started any cards!!!
Enjoy your dancing.
Hugs Lisax #61

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I missed you! Hope life hasn't been too unkind of late...
Like your tall, leggy Christmas trees - very elegant :) But what about that jumble of ribbons?? Good luck sorting that little lot!!
Life continues to be busy Chez LLJ, quite looking forward to putting my feet up at Christmas - yeah right, like that's going to happen..:)
Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Good grief woman . . . that's chaos to me! But a crafty chaos, so that's okay!

KEEEEEEEEP Dancing tonight!


Jingle said...

Oh, I'm SURE Tim's tags would cause a mess! But you must be having fun! Your space looks great!

Spyder said...

Ohooo I do love all your crafty mess it look so much more fun than mine...and as for my bacon sandwich....hmm...looked in the fridge and the whole packet was gone! Hubby had taken it to work...he goes very early, and makes himself breakfast when he gets time...he said, everyone wanted one once they could spell his cooking... thank you for my snoop! Have a great crafty week. HaPpY WoYw ((Lyn)) #31

Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely busy desk there! I am loving the tags too - havent finished day 6 yet though and havent yet started day 7 (DS's birthday and pinecone making got in the way (now have 8 fabulous pinecones which are such fun to make arent they!)) but hopefully from today onwards I can join in on time again! Hope you are well :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Well Sam, at least you get a card from DH...! I think most Christmas stuff is done by us gals. ANyhoo..your desk looks ace! Sounds like however messy , you're enjoying the Tim challenge, and that's all important.
Also, don't worry about neot being able to visit every week, no reason not to take part if you want to, honest!

Bella said...

Get that passport sorted! Its Cape Town international, just send the flight number now would you! Oh it is lovely to dream isn't it?

Shoshi said...

That's a nice busy messy desk there! Well done attempting the tags. I'm hopping over to tim's blog every now and then to make a note of his various techniques but not doing the tags myself a) no time, b) would like to use the techniques for something else!! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #53