Monday, 22 August 2011

Fergus meets Hels at The Stamp Attic

Good Evening Peeps

I hope this posting finds you well on a Monday evening and that you had a good weekend.

I can tell you Fergus and I did!!   

Saturday was brilliant with lots of craftiness in the kitchenI made these...
Then I bottled up these......... (hic!!)

Our wonderful Chookies laid these.... (or at least two of them did!!)

(And very nice they tasted too!)

But the highlight of the weekend was on Sunday. 

I had to get up at the crack of dawn (before Tony had started his singing in fact - if you can call it that!).  Then drive to Wantage to a lickle shop called The Stamp Attic with the lovely lady in residence Wendy!  Talk about a jaw dropper!  Would you believe I was speechless - well, not for long though!  I literally did not know where to start looking in the shop.  I have never seen so many stamps, papers and other goodies in one place before. 

Across the alleyway was the room where we were to undertake our lickle workshop and was where I found the lovely Hels setting up the room.  She was as lovely in the flesh as she is on Facebook and Blogging. 

The workshop started and we set about making our own versions of this.....(this is mine!)

As usual mine is a little different.  The piece on the right hand side in the middle is a little larger than possibly should have been but I did not have the heart to cut it down!  So I wiggled everything around until I was happy with it.  The square piece bottom left will have a dangly on it when I decide what it will be!

I have to say that Hels is a brilliant teacher.  You can tell that she has sat down and tried different ways of doing things and willingly gave us lots of hints and tips which you would not get from a book and certainly not from a teacher who had only learnt by copying out of a book!  I would definately recommend anyone to go to one of her classes and indeedly go to The Stamp Attic. 

Would you believe I actually came away from there not only with some fab goodies and a piece of work all but finished but I managed to not burn myself or get any utee on my new top I was wearing!!  I had even taken some Winnie-the-Pooh plasters with me!! Brilliant or what?!!

Just so I don't get any strange requests to show my booty here it is...
The sharp eyed amongst you may notice I have bought the large Jo Capper-Sandon Bee stamp to go with the smaller ones I already have.  And that cutie Chicken stamp at the bottom is uber-cute.  I have also taken the prices off most of the goodies!!!  I wonder why!!

Well, I had better find new homes for all this stash and get on with some craftiness tonight or I will have achieved nothing other than a chocolate cake for my Dad and the startings of Spiced Plum Jelly!


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JoZart said...

Ooooh! fab post which reminds me to start looking out on my travels for sloes or damsons so I can work the usual alchemy on them for the festive season.
Love the results of your fab workshop... sounds like it was a great day and your stash is very desirable too.
Re your comment... ta for your message and the penguin isn't black and white BTW... take a closer look with the pic enlarged and I might put another close pic up on tomorrow,
Love jo x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time shopping and creating that lovely project.

Hugs, Sandra

Kim said...

What a weekend you had!! The jam sounds lovely, and is that sloe gin? And I love all your booty! But I don't doubt the highlight was the class!! They really do boost up your creativity!