Wednesday, 11 May 2011

WOYWW 101 - Still the Same!! Well not quite!!!

Good evening Crafters!!

I am a really BAD blogger I know!  I promise I will take myself off and give myself a firm talking to just as soon as I finish this post.  I have not made a posting since last week!  BAD blogger.

Well, here I am for the weekly WOYWW so maybe I am not quite soooooo bad!!  Here is my desk....
If you look REALLY carefully you will see that it is not quite the same as last week's picture.  The photos have changed and you can see me in action on the photo on the left - I am the lead cyclist!!   My album is very nearly finished. 

I am just going through doing all the "faffing" (Hubby's term not mine - obviously!) that makes the album "special"!  The little doodles, journalling, embellishments.  For example, on every page I have doodled around the page.  There are a fair few pages in this book!!!

I have also managed to finish my PIF in time for week 104!!  Yey!!!  Sooooo happy that that is sitting pretty and FINISHED ready for the day!!  AND I have made a few birthday cards so my desk has still been pretty busy even if it doesn't look like it!

I have also been a busy bunny helping Hubby with our latest venture which is we are having Chickens!!!  Yeah!!!  It has only taken me some 19 years but I never give up on something I really want!!   I have to show you this picture - it is of Hubby moving the coup round.  As I was still not up to lifting or treading on uneven ground he insisted that he moved the coup on his own.

If you look really carefully you will see a pair of legs sticking out of the bottom of the coup!  I could hardly keep the camera steady to take this picture for laughing!!!  He is sooo going to kill me for posting this picture here but I thought you should see this picture.  Going to have to get this printed for a scrapbook layout - especially as I ordered a Sizzix die of a Rooster and it came today!!! LOL!!!

Well, if you want to know what all this insane rambling is about and why I have put pictures of my craft desk on my blog, then if you click HERE you will be jettisoned over to the wonderful Desk Jockey's Julia's blog, where you will find lots of other like minded people who have posted their desks for the official Wednesday Desk Hop!

Before I go I just have to show you what I bought today.  I absolutely love Boofle (Hubby started this so he is to blame!) and I was wandering around town in my lunch break between the Greengrocer's and the Butchers (Spag Bol cooking downstairs smells absolutely lush!) and I happened to take a turn into a certain card chain beginning with "C"!  Look what I spotted.....

Rubber stamps!!!!  Wow!!!  They just had to come home with me!  (1) They are rubber stamps, (2)  they are wooden stamps, (3) they are super cute and (4) they came in a wooden box.  What was there not to like about them? Six stamps and a red ink pad.  They gonna have to feature somewhere - maybe a Boofle album????

Thanks for visiting and please leave me a comment so I know you have been here and seen the funny Chicken Legs picture!!  Poor Hubby.  Why does he put up with me?  Oh yeah - I'm not a bad Chefette and cook a mean Spag Bol!!!

Hettie and Boofle


lisa said...

You have to faff about with your pages to make them special don't you. That's the best bit I always think.
That photo of your hubby in the chicken coup is hilarious. You have to scrap that. Thanks for sharing it.
hugs Lisa #114

Sarpreet said...

lots of lovely crafty goodies, Thank you for sharing, Happy WOYWW 101, not long left to WOYWW 104 - the second anniversary! #2

Suzilou said...

Your desk always looks soooo busy Hettie and I really can't wait to see that album, I have been ver y bad at the blogging recently just don't know where the time goes!

I love that pic of your hubby, I would so love chickens, but I think they would be great during the summer and can see it being a chore during the winter when I hardly set foot in the garden brrrrr :)

Love the look of those stamps, look forward to seeing what you create with those :) xx

Audrey Harris said...

After the bee saga what are you putting your hubby through, dont let him loose with chickens Sam!!!!!

karen said...

Ha ha, the picture of the chicken coop walking around is soooo funny! I can see that it would have been hard to stop laughing long enough to take the picture! That is hilarious!!!
Your scrapbook looks lovely! And the "faffing" part is what makes it yours!
Thanks for the visit!
xoxo Karen

Wipso said...

Boofle is just gorgeous. Look forward to seeing what you do with the stamps.
Thats a fine rooster you have in that hen house. Hope he doesn't crow too loudly in a morning :-)
A x

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Oo Hettie wot fun you have been having with your faffing about (love the pickies of it!) and your hubby's legs out of a chicken coup.. what a crack up!!.. and yes pun is intended, tell him!!
Lots of work (and fun) there .. happy WOYWW101 thanks for sharing .. Shaz in oz.x

Twiglet said...

Love the pic of your rooster with his boots on!!!! Fab - tell him not to worry - no-one will recognise him - but we all know who it is. lol

Polly Polkadot said...

Love the photo.
Only took me 8 years to talk my husband into chickens - and when we divorced he couldn't bear to be parted from them, I had to buy a new lot!!

Shazsilverwolf said...

Love the henhouse pic, rofl! Great desk, thanks for visiting me- I think blogger has got over its hiccup now! Shaz #106

Julia Dunnit said...

Never even heard of Boofle - you must be so much younger than me! He's cute though, for sure. I love the album, and am fascinated tha tyou go back to add the embellies and things, I'm a one page a ta time gal!

RosC said...

Somewhere in one of Hels Sheridan's recent rambles she says "Do birds wear socks?" And now I know that they DO...and boots. That is the most hysterical photo. Excellent focusing, Hettie, and great chook house. I could live there if I took an Alice Pill for smaller.