Monday, 16 May 2011

We got New Family Members

Good Evening Peeps

Before I start on my posting, I would like to say Hello and Thank You to my followers both old (I don't mean your age here ok!) and new for following me and putting up with my ramblings here.  Welcome to my blog if you are new here and welcome back to those of you who have been here before!!!

Those of you who were kind enough to read my posting of yesterday (Yes!  Don't feint!!  No postings for a week then two on consecutive nights!!) you will remember that I told you that we have some new members to our family.  Six black and white (or should that be white and black - why do we always say "black and white"?) Sussex baby chickens. Or as some people call them... Chooks!!

I have wanted chickens ever since watching Waltons when I was alot - yes ALOT younger and then The Darling Buds of May.  I tried to convince Hubby when we moved into our second home (the garden of the first house was in no way conducive to anything but a few pot plants- if they were cemented down, I'll say no more!).  As I am a VERY patient person (if you believe that you believe anything!!LOL!!) my Hubby has finally relented and allowed me to have Chooks.  In fact, as you may have seen the picture last Wednesday (that picture still makes me chuckle - or should that be "chookle") you will be aware that he has made a coop and a fabby run for the little chooks. 

The chooks came from very good friends of mine, Rachel and Dave and Carmen, who bought some fertilised eggs on eBay  (I still cannot believe that they were posted to them - I have a job to get them home from Waitrose intact let alone through the post), incubated them and then looked after them for 9 or 10 weeks before letting me take 6 yesterday.  How fab are these friends ey!  (Don't tell Rachel but I am treating her to a pamper session for her feet in Champneys in Bath in a few weeks, which involves having her toes nibbled!!!)

Last night was hilarious though when it came time to get them in the Chookhouse (as modelled by Hubby last Wednesday)!!!  Boy did they give us the runaround!!  However, tonight they went in when I was just giving them a snack of fresh fruit and veg, when I turned around Tony was supervising them all going in before going in himself!!  I had planned that they would go in about half hour later, but I  wasn't going to miss that opportunity!!  We thinks it might be cos it is blowing a gale here tonight and they don't like having their feathers ruffled!!

Well, thanks for bearing with me whilst I prattle off about my new family members.  As I pointed out to Hubby last night, in 10 months we have gone from one scabby Dobby (the bemused dog below) to 7,000, or thereabouts, bees and 6 chickens!!!!!  What a transformation to our family!!!
Off to bedikins now.  Us chook people have to get up early now.  Not only do I have to walk Dobby but I have to let chooks out, feed them, de-poo the Chookhouse, switch on the fence AND get myself ready for work and in on time!!  (Must remember to switch the fence off before unlocking gate!!!)  Gotta go earlier to bed now!!!

Good Night and please leave me a comment!  I do so love to read them!!!

Hettie - the Chook Woman!!!


RosC said...

Chooks! Fantastic, Hettie. Think what the eggs will do for you and the poo will do for the compost. I would love to have some chooks but feel very unsure about my Girrrls with them.
Enjoy your new family.

Polly Polkadot said...

Life feels complete with chickens!
I only have 3 black rocks at the moment, but I have a chat with them every day! Frances

Cardarian said...

So much fun to see how your family has grown!