Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday Smiles

Hello My Lovely Friends

Happy Friday everyone.  I have a little change to my usual Friday Funny.  I actually have two photos of yours truly going to bed!!

Last Friday I was sat at my sewing machine making the PJ bottoms that you see me wearing.  As I sat there making them, I could not help but think of my Mum and all the happy times we were at quilting workshops, sewing days, lace days and was smiling the whole time.  I emailed our dear friend Annie a picture of the fabric and  told her I was smiling as I was making them and on finishing the PJs on Monday she insisted I shared photos of me wearing them today.  So here I am toddling off up to bed with my Rupert and hot water bottle.  Well it is cold right now!!

Please do enlarge the photo to see the little characters on the fabric.  I bought the fabric in Doughtys in Hereford, purely on a whim as I just knew it would make great PJs!!  I didn't want a matching top so I bought the t-shirt from a store on a well known auction site!!

And now I suppose you want a joke as well.....Here goes!!

A senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership and past MacDonalds. Taking off down the Trans Canada, he floored it to 120 kph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left.

 "Amazing!" he thought as he flew down the 401, pushing the pedal to the metal even more.  Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw the RCMP behind him, red and blue lights flashing and siren blaring.

"I can get away from him - no problem!" thought the elderly nut case as he floored it to 130 kph, then 140, then 150 kph. Suddenly, he thought, "What on earth am I doing? I'm too old for this nonsense!", pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the Mountie to catch up with him.

Pulling in behind him, the officer walked up to the driver's side of the Corvette, looked at his watch and said, "Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a reason why you were speeding that I've never heard before, I'll let you go."

The man, looking very seriously at the Mountie, said, "Years ago, my
wife ran off with an RCMP officer. I thought you were bringing her back."

"Have a good day, Sir," said the Mountie.

Right then, I hope you like that one.  Thanks to my little friend Kath for this one!!!

Off to join my friend Annie for the usual Friday Smiles!!

Hugs and have a great weekend.



Annie said...

You nutter....I love the new PJs but love the photos even more :-) I read your joke out to the man in my life and he's off to work now chuckling so thanks for our morning smile Sam.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

Sarn said...

Ha ha ha . . . loved the FF.

I feel cold just looking at those stone steps up to Bedfordshire in your cottage! No wonder you need a Rupert Hot Water Bottle and nice slippers!

I've seen the fabric and it looks FAB. So pleased to hear that making your PJ bottoms made you smile and remember your dear old Mum.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Miffy257 said...

Love your PJs, of course I had to look at the material........chickens, should have guessed. Hope you are feeling much better and that there are jobs in the pipeline. See you at quilting. Loved the joke made me laugh out loud ! Mair X

Barb said...

You look very snuggly in your JJ bots you old sum thucker you.

The material is really sweet. I did take a closer look. How lovely that it brought back happy memories of your dear Mum when you were working with it.

Loved your Friday Funny Hettie. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

Sue Jones said...

Ha ha brilliant! Love your PJ's you clever thing - you look adorable in them and well done for still having a Rupert bear. Soojay xx

Lisca said...

I'm glad you did share your PJ photo. The story made me smile. Especially the fact that you enjoyed such sweet memories of you and your mum doing things together. You will always carry those with you. And I must say the PJ bottoms are fab. Lovely material.You look great in them.
Thanks for the smile and thanks for your visit,

Susanne Vargas said...

Very cute design on the PJ bottoms. They look very comfy, too! So glad your happy memories of good times with your Mom put a smile on your face while you made them!
Your joke brought a smile to MY face! Love it! Thank you and have a great weekend!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Cute PJs....I must go back to Doughty's...fab shop!!

Twiglet said...

Doughty's came to town about 2 weeks ago - of course Max had to come with me just to see if there was any nice fabric!! Came home with a bagful! love the pjs and the funny. x Jo

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Hettie,

Nice pajama bottoms. The fabric is so cute! Is it flannel or cotton?

Your joke definitely brought a smile to my face!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Love the pajamas. The fabric is so sweet!
Brilliant joke, love it!
Have a great Friday and a happy crafty weekend!
Angela x

Jenny L said...

Hi Sam,
what a great Funny, and yes I have heard that one before.
Now my Granddaughter's hubby got pulled over for speeding, and he told them he was desperate for the toilet so they let him off as he was near a services, but followed him in there to make sure.
No not the actual toilet thank goodness, as he made it up naughty, naughty.
Love your fab PJs, and the wonderful material.
Yes I too think a top made out of that would be a bit too much of a good thing. LOL>
Have a lovely weekend.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

butterfly said...

Love your snuggly pjs - I don't know about funny, they're just making me envious! And how lovely that making them brought back all those lovely memories.

Good for the Mountie, good for the man... I like a happy ending.
Alison xx

Mrs A. said...

Great jimmy jams and I didn't guess the punch line. p.s I've had mine on all day. It's bl------y cold here. Got me day wear on top. Hugs Mrs A.

Helen said...

what great pj's - so glad you didn't make a matching top though! have a good weekend.

Kathleen said...

Night, night, God Bless.
Fab photo's, great PJ's and love the thumb sucking one, that really made me chuckle.

Kath x

Robyn Oliver said...

Brilliant funny Hetti and you're looking pretty swish in your new pjs are they flannelette?? - funny thought - I don't think flannelette has touched my skin for years and years, do remember making our kids warm jammies when they were little. Enjoy your weekend Cheers Robyn

mamapez5 said...

I smiled at your photos Hettie, especially the little Rupert bear. I have just come back from a visit to UK where I went to the homes of my four sisters - three of them well into their eighties with Jean and I running towards being seventy, and we all have at least one teddybear on our bed!!
Your funny made me smile too. Thanks for the happy moments. Kate x

Carol L said...

Great rooster PJ's Hettie, and how sweet the memory while you sewed them! Stay warm and pull that thumb outta your mouth! It will give you bucked teeth! LOL

Lilly's Mom said...

Such an entertaining post. I had a good laugh. Enjoy your weekend, Pat

Lilly's Mom said...

Such an entertaining post. I had a good laugh. Enjoy your weekend, Pat

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Just LURVE those chooky PJs Sam and Rupert .. what a cracker it! and the hottle bottle..
And the story you told about your smiles as you made them was he best bit I think our mums are precious beyond measure
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

scrappymo! said...

Great sewing job...they look absolutely great!

Love your Canadian humour!

Lynn Holland said...

Absolutely brilliant joke, chuckle, chuckle and clever you Sam making those pj's
Lynn xx

Kim said...

Cute picture and cute joke! I'll have to tell my cop friends! LOL!