Friday, 11 December 2015

Friday Smiles

Hello Friends

Now it is traditional that I share a joke with you and Annie on a Friday, but today I wanted to share some real smiles that I have had recently, last week in fact.  I hope you don't mind!!

My Hubby, my Bestie and her Hubby, and myself (oh and who can forget Fergus!) went on a little trip to Prague last week.  What a wonderful time we all had.  So sorry if this bores you but here goes...

 Just look at the colour of that sky!!!
My Bestie and Her Hubster!!  As you can see he was in the Christmas spirit!!

My new Friend!!

A view from down river.

Yours truly and Hubbie people watching.  Note the alcoholic amongst us!!

 How about this for a Christmas Tree?  This is just the base of it!  I would love those Gingerbread houses around mine!!

And what about Fergus??  We found him unashamedly drunk after the first night!!!

Off to join Annie and the crew for Friday Smiles. I hope this made you smile too!!

See you later and have a great weekend.



Angela Radford said...

Great to see you all having such a good time and definitely getting into the Christmas spirit (no pun intended!).
Thanks for the smiles, Angela x

Annie said...

So good to see you enjoying a fab time away with friends.....and Fergus of course [even if he didn't always behave!]. Lots of lovely smiles.
Annie x

Lisca Meijer said...

No, photos of Prague are never boring! (not that I've been myself)
The weather looks good and you have had a good time by the looks of it. Did they have a nice Christmas market? If they did you must have come home with lots of little pressies.
That Christmas tree is enormous! I love the little houses at the base. It is actually a good idea to copy on a smaller scale for the home tree.
Have a good week,
PS Your link didn't work, but I found you anyway via a different route.

Carol L said...

Fun photos for a Friday and I enjoyed them all, especially Fergus after being over-served! Too funny! So glad to see you having a fun trip!

Helen said...

What a lovely trip! bit different to your normal Friday smile, but raised a smile indeed. Glad you had a great time. xx

SARN said...

Certainly looks like you all enjoyed yourselves. Prague looks wonderful.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

butterfly said...

How lovely to take a vicarious trip to Praha... I haven't managed to make it over to CZ this year, so this is a wonderful treat. I love the houses around the base of the tree... if the circumference is anything to go by, it must be HUGE. I'm glad you showed a picture with you standing by the houses, or I'd've assumed the later photo of the whole tree was a trick of perspective! Am definitely envious of those blue skies...
Alison xx

Cestina said...

Well at least he made it to the bidet - very considerate of him!

I love the Prague Christmas scene so I am very jealous indeed. And of the blue sky as well. Nothing but grey, grey, grey here.

Veselé Vánoce a šťastný nový rok

Twiglet said...

Great pics - looks like a fab time was had by all - esp Fergus! x

Kathleen said...

Well I don't know how I missed this yesterday.
I have always wanted to go to Prague but Hubby doesn't seem to be in the same frame of mind.
Lovely photo's and they did make me smile, although rather shocked at Fergus's behaviour.

Kath x

Diane said...

What a great time you are having Hettie, love all the wonderful pictures.

Hugs Diane

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Great to see that you had a lovely stay away. Enjoy rest of the weekend.

Love and hugs

MaryH said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip photos. Since I'll never get to visit this beautiful place, it's nice to be able to enjoy it via Blogland. Easy to see you were having a grand time, and what gorgeous holiday decorations you got to view. And I hope Fergus' head is all better by now. You need to warn him about the dangers of drinking in foreign cities!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, TFS & Hugs too! (and we did enjoy Ikea. When we're in Florida, that store is much closer. We also like eating in their café, but didn't this visit. Got some more Alex cabs, but not assembled as yet. Maybe after the New Year. That's ok, I'm not in the organizing mood anyway. Look at the mess, dunno where to start! )

Mrs A. said...

And I thought I had trouble with a drunken Elf!! Hugs Mrs A.

mamapez5 said...

What a lovely Winter break. I loved seeing all your photos. It is the blue skies most mornings that we like best about Spain. It lifts the spirit just to see them, even when, like now, it is getting a bit nippy. I had to smile at Fergus. He obviously enjoyed his trip too! Kate x

Kimbo said...

Fabulous photos, looks like you had a great trip. I'm looking forward to moving there next year x

Lesley said...

I live Prague hope you had a lovely time there x