Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Scrapbook Tuesday - Vietnam Scrapbook Part 6

Hello there!  

Guess who got so busy being Santa's Little Helper last night and forgot to post piccies up for today's ST?  That and the fact that I decided to back up my mobile on the computer as I dropped it down the stairs the other night and smashed the face on it.  If it has to go back I want to ensure I get all my December photos off it and my contact numbers.  That took a fair while I can tell you!

Anyhoos I have some more Vietnam Album layouts which I can share with you....

This is the market in Dalat.  It absolutely fascinated me with the colourful stalls of fruit and vegetables and the general hustle and bustle of life.  I was very happy to wander round here (except when they were selling fresh fish!  They were alive in those bowls but were bashed once they sold!  Talk about "fresh")  We found a great bar here where the chappie was very happy to have British people in his bar and kept plying us with drinks - more than we paid for I think!

This waterfall was absolutely stunning and tucked away off a busy main road that we had to go through some trees to get to.  We could hear all the heavy traffic that sailed past oblivious to this beauty, but you could have been in another world.  It was so calm and beautiful.  The bottom photo shows that we are in tea and coffee growing country with all the rows of plantations.

This page makes me laugh.  The lorries that are on the road would not comply with MOT standards here in the UK.  Some are built out of a box of bits.  This top left one was in a garage getting fuel and I was taking photos of it when the owner came out.  I asked if I could sit in and he muttered under his breath ("stupid woman" or words to that effect I expect) and beckoned for me to hop in!  It makes me giggle every time I see this photo.   Can you guess how many children are on the moped bottom right?  Three heads you can see and one riding on the chap's lap!  

And here we are at the end of the cycle under the banner.  We we all so happy to have taken part, tired and very fit.  After a glass or two of bubbles we were pretty pickled too!

My certificate and medal to prove I had done it!!

One more post to show you Saigon and that will be it.  I will try and get it finished before the New Year.

Thanks for calling by.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of my fabulous trip to Vietnam. I have certainly enjoyed sharing it with you all.



Belinda Basson said...

I have really enjoyed this album of yours. Thanks for sharing it with us. Look forward to Saigon.

Kathleen said...

Fabulous, are you the famous Miss Saigon?!!

Kath x

JoZart said...

How fantastic to have done such a challenge band well done. What an opportunity to see such an interesting place too. Loved your amazing pages.
If ever you want/need more twine I've still not made a dent in the roll despite sending some out to dozens of crafters. Just shout!! Look forward to seeing what you've done with some of it.
Jo x

butterfly said...

Great to see some more of your amazing Vietnamese adventure, Sam... from the wonderful food market to the slightly scary traffic! Congratulations again on a heroic feat... and looking forward to bright lights big city Saigon!
Alison xx
(Oh, and I hope your phone survives/recovers/turns into a brand new replacement.)

Bonnie said...

I'm impressed, Hettie! What a wonderful keepsake!

Kate said...

Ooooh, so fun, Sam! I am loving the variety of gears, hearts and lanterns. So many fun elements to these pages. You have made a fabulous album.

lisa said...

Such beautiful pages, Sam. You have a great record of your stunning trip.
What are you like throwing your phone away like that, hope you manage to get it sorted ...oh and I love the hair!!
Hugs Lisax

Karen Petitt said...

Thank you for sharing these, I've missed them. I love the photos and enjoy listening to your memories of the place xx

scrappymo! said...

You have done a great job on this book. I am looking forward to seeing Saigon next. I loved those photos of the countyside...hard to believe it was just tucked away around a few corners!

I liked the teapot and cup on the page that had the tea fields!

The banner was great too on the last page before your medal page...you sure found some good embellishments to use!

Hope you phone can be fixed or replaced. My neighbour buys the phones on Craigslist that have cracked the glass...then he replaces the glass from a Utube video and resells them!