Saturday, 15 June 2013

Honey for the Honeymoon....

Hello There Friends

And a special Helloooo to Debra and welcome to my little blog.  Thank you for following me.

Sorry I have been absent, but things have been a little hectic in the Hettie household of late.  Mum is still in hospital.  Unfortunately during her stay some nasty kind so and so sat between Mum and the next patient, whilst visiting the next patient with a bad case of Flu and has passed it on to Mum, who like me is susceptible to these kinda things and now has a chest infection on top of the kidney infection she went in with.  As you may imagine, this has upset her just a tiny bit!  NOT!  This also means that I am not able to go visit now in case I pick anything up.  Honestly some people ey!!

On top of that I have been visiting our local hospital too, but I shall maybe tell you about that another time!

Right then.  On to today's post.

As you will know from previous posts recently, we have had a family Wedding recently whereby my Nephew got married.  Well, as Bee Keeper of the family we had to give some Honey to the Honeymooners.  However, I could not find a honey jar locally that I liked so I got to do my own jar instead.

I took a standard Kilner jar and decorated it.  Why not?  The papers used are the MME The Sweetest Thing range in 6x6".  Dies used are Memory Box which I bought at Ally Pally.  Let me just tell you, those Bees are little buggers blighters to make!!!

Any excuse to get the alcohol inks out to make a tag for the jar using memory glass and the stamps that came with the papers.  Well, it would have been rude not to buy them too (and the 12x12" papers of course!)

Here is the top of the jar, which I used some Spellbinders dies.

Don't you just love this ribbon?  My Buddy brought that back from USA for me, though I have since found a source fairly locally.

I raided the Snippets Box for some white pieces of cardstock for the Bee wings and also raided my ribbon and fibre basket so I shall take this to the Playground to share around.  Knowing my Nephew the honey is all gone by now.  I know Miss is a little partial to our Honey too so I may be forgiven for missing class this week!!

Can you just say a prayer for our bees right now?  They are not having a good time of late and what with the recent weather  they are really struggling.  

I hope you are having a good weekend so far.  I understand the weather in the UK is great for scrapbooking/quilting/sewing/card making so off you go!  




Karen Petitt said...

Awesome work Sam. Gorgeous and such a beautiful and heartfelt gift.
Sending huge hugs to your mum. Get well wishes to the bees too, although they terrify me lol!
Of course you have to buy matching stamps and papers - you don't get value for money unless you have the stamps to match lol!
I must get my alcohol inks out - it's been yonks since I played with them. Wonderful use of snippets Karen x

Amanda said...

What a thoughtful gift and the perfect opportunity to get crafty too. Sorry to hear your mum now has a chest next ion, I am surprised the hospital let them in with the flu, some people never think do they. Hugs, Amanda x

Amanda said...

Lol, spell checker changed infection to next ion, sounds painful too.

Annie said...

I really hope your Mum makes a speedy recovery. I also hope that what ever had you visiting the hospital wasn't serious and comes with no further probs for you.
I love the honey jar even if I wouldnt enjoy the contents [I use honey and lemon like medicine not for enjoyment I'm sorry to say]. I do hope your little bees cope with all this wet weather and are soon making you lots more honey.
Annie x

butterfly said...

Sending wishes and positive thoughts for the bees and for your poor mum, and all of you too - it sounds like a really rough patch...

Apart from that, your Kilner jar is just fab - love the bee ribbon and wonderful sunshiny trimmings!
Alison xx

scrappymo! said...

So sorry to hear that your Mum has to battle a chest infrection now too...why oh why do people do this!

Your honey jar is fabulous. I loved the ribbon and the alchohal ink tag and the top sentiment and...oh hell...I just loved it all!!!
Great Job!

Hope you are OK my friend...trip to the hospital always make me uneasy. Fingers crossed you have some happy ending to share soon.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Beautiful jar of honey Sam.

Hugs to you and yours.


Helen said...

Love the jar of honey, what a great idea and it looks fab. Hope your Mum is well again soon, and I agree with Annie, in her wishes for you too. Take care. xx

Irene said...

Hello Sam

Your honey make is fabulous and what a brilliant original idea. I just love how you have decoarated it.
Sorry to her about your Mam, and hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Di said...

A perfect gift Sam! LOVE the way you decorated the Kilner jar so perfectly - and yes, I can categorically say that the honey you gave me last Autumn was delicious!

Sorry to hear about your Mum - some people are just so downright thoughtless :( Hope all of you, including the bees, perk up soon. We need another good dose of sunshine I think!

Hugs, Di xx

lisa said...

Your honey looks delish, Sam, what a wondeful gift to create for them. I'd have been delighted to receive it.
Sorry to hear about your Mum, sending her best wishes for a speedy recovery and hugs to you too.
Take care

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a gorgeous (and perfect) prezzy...the decorated jar is just beautiful.
Sorry to hear about your mum...sigh...sending big hugs to her and you!
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Gay Peplow said...

Wonderful honeypot Sam, well done for the collecting and making of the honey too, I am impressed. Bees are so important to us all:D
Hope your Mum feels better soon, I hope all is good with you as well! hugs Gay x

Kate said...

Sorry to hear your Mum has another infection. I hope she recovers very soon.
Your alcohol ink pendant is fabulous! I love your decorated jar. Such a cute gift and I bet that honey is yummy. We eat lots of peanut butter and honey sandwiches in our house!

Terry said...

I hope your Mum is feeling better now! I love that honey jar and was a sweet gift to give! The bees in the memory glass are extra special! Bees are so important and we sure do need them more than many people realize! Hope the weather conditions improve for the little creatures! Hugs!

Mrs F said...

Such a lovely gift for your nephew and his new wife, I bet it tastes wonderful.

Hope things get better for you this week :)

Big hugs xx

Victoria said...

Lovely lovely! I do love a nice 3D project! You're right.. it would have been rude not to indulge in the stash!

Kyla said...

Oh hunny (!!) what a fabulous gift (and so pretty too).

Sorry to hear your mum isnt too chipper, I do hope things pick up soon.

Sending hugs (((xx)))


scrappymo! said...

Popped back to say I said a little prayer for your bees...My garden club had a speaker about bees and it is so sad that there are so many sick bees all over the world!