Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WOYWW 145 - Hey Peeps I am back and with a tidy desk to boot!

Hey Guys and Gals

I know, I know.  I have been kinda missing in action recently from the WOYWW scene.  I could say that I have been poorly (which is true), I have been on holiday (again true), no time (hmmmn!) but I am not going to.  Just going to say Honey I am back!!

And if it is not a shock that I am back, I am back with a tidy desk.  Be warned! Sit down! And be prepared for some tidiness!!  

See! Told ya!  Just a lickle WIP - a "manly" book in readiness for my next craft fair!  In the event you are wondering why on earth I am showing you a photo of my desk on Wednesday it is all part of the biggest blog hop of the world....probably.  Click HERE or on the WOYWW button on my sidebar to be whizzed over to the desk of Julia the wonderful host of this event.

And here is Fergus and yours truly taking a pew at the Zoo in Prague in one of the hot houses. This is the first time Hubby and I have ever been to a Zoo and the first time for me since about....a long time ago!  It was kinda eerie to think that during 2002 a lot of it was severely flooded and they managed to get all but 4 animals to safety with only the minimum of notice!  (Can you believe my hair was all spikey in the morning before I left the hotel?  Then I put the hat on!! Lethal hats are, lethal!!  But at -18 I needed that hat so c'est la vie ey!)
And again, in Prague.  This time at the Technika Museum. I did not quite expect to see a Spitfire here but boy did this make me happy to be soooo close to one.  Next stop - I want to be in one!  One day.....hopefully!!

Right then.  Happy Hump Day to y'all and see ya later!  


Hettie (and Fergus)



Everything looks suspended on your desk. Is it a glass top with drawers under that you can see though? That's really cool. Great photos of you and the plane too.

Helen said...

Great desk - and so tidy! You had a fab time in Prague, obviously.

Sunshine Girl said...

I've not been catching up on blogs recently so now I see you have been really busy! love all the stuff you have made.

Annie said...

Glad your back and feeling better. Lovely to see your pic :-)
A x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Nice pic of you and Fergus!! You look as if you're enjoying yourself enormously :D
I'm back too after being back and fore to Wales looking after my mum. I've got a break for two weeks (DH is on night shift and I have to be here for G3, who's still at school) but next time I go down, let's try and meet up, eh? I'll email you nearer the time and if you're around, let's try and arrange something!
Hugs, LLJ #26 xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

. . . and a Happy Hump and WOYWW day to you too Missus.

Top marks for tidiness this week.

Great pictures of yourself and Fergus. xxx

Neil said...

Great looking and creative space this week, thanks for sharing. Looks like you had fun at the zoo.
Neil #8

May said...

Lovely desk, and great pics of Prague! Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant trip to Prague, but -18C was a bit nippy! My hair is naturally curly, so I wet it and scrunch it in the mornings, can't use a hairdryer, it'll turn into a big frizz ball, so when we've had really cold weather here (of the -18 type) I've had my hair freeze just walking form the car to the office!! And I can't wear a hat because it would plaster cold wet hair against my head!

Glad you're feeling better, now get that desk messed up!

Brenda 12

lisa said...

Lovely to see you Sam, I hope you are feeling much better now and had a great weekend.
I know exactly what you mean about hat hair. I love wearing mine but not the look when I take it off. I end up keeping it on all the time we are out, even don't care about the strange looks in the cafe. They'd be even stranger if I took it off. Yours looks fine to me!!
Make sure you get that Spitfire ride in.
Hugs Lisax

sandra's crafty corner said...

fabby piccies hun, your work space looks great happy woyww
hugs sandra x

MvM-design said...

Quickly watching all those lovely desks!!
Have a happy WOYWW Wednesday :)))
Watch mine too, I've an awesome announcement on my BLOG(click)
Hugs Marleen ;-)

CraftygasheadZo said...

What a wonderful glass desk. Your Prague pics look fab too. Take care, enjoy snooping around the wonderful desks & enjoy this WOYWW. Zo xx 33

ScrappnBee said...

Looks like you have had some fun times in Prague! The desk is indeed tidy! Color me impressed! Thanks for the peek! Have a fabulous WOYWW! -Amanda #39

505whimsygirl said...

I sure do like the looks of your desk! I especially like that clock - very cool. Thanks for sharing a bit of your vacation with us. It's amazing that the zoo has bounced back from the flooding and lost so few animals. I do love zoos.


Not participating in WOYWW this week but wanted to pop in to see what you've been up to!

kay said...

fab desk and you will never be late with that size clock :)
have a great weekend,x

fairy thoughts said...

What's the time then, you couldn't forget with your great clock. Your desk isn't that tidy... just as it should be. . . creative. Amazing to see a spitfire, nor many of them about I see them flying ocasionally as I live in the town where they were developed and they take off from our airport, they sound amazing ... nothing like it. Happy WOYWW
janet #25

Lisa said...

Your trip to Prague looks adventurous. Thaat manly cover looks brilliant.

Sophia said...

Loving your desk and really loving your clock there. :)

Gourdess said...

Oooh dreaded evil hat hair! Loved seeing the pictures of you and your desk looks like its ready for creativity! Happy WOYWW - Warmly Tracy #81

Dragon said...

I kinow, hats make me cross with my hair too... your desk is fabulously quiet and tidy and the photos very interesting

Sunshine Girl said...

Hi, yes I can get to Hobbycraft on Thursday - do you want to meet up? shall we swap some die cuts then too?

Julia Dunnit said...

Heftie I'm waving! nice pics, nice to see you, holidays, sickness, no time...all perfectly reasonable in the life of a flexible and busy crafter! Hope you're fully recovered, and ahem, planning our meeting with Jan?!!