Friday 23 March 2012

It is Friday - so it is Snippets Night

Hello Crafters

Yeay! It is Friday so officially in the Hettie Household it is the weekend.  I wish you all a very good weekend in whatever it is you are doing!  I have a lovely RSCDS Ball in Cardiff tomorrow evening and I am very much looking forward to it.  I have managed to slim down enough to wear my lovely posh ballgown so I have dusted it down, had my hair cut so off to the Ball I shall go!!    This is the dress...(though unfortunately my Beau will not be coming due to being in work!)

Rightio.  Down to business ey!

If you read my posting the other day you will know that I have decided to devote Tuesdays to Scrapbooking projects - dubbed Scrappie Tuesday by my Hubby and Fridays I am devoting to Snippets - dubbed Friday Snippets (how original but this is the best my brain cell could think of!).  This is so I only do one posting (except last Sunday's but that was Mothering Sunday) and poor Di doesn't have to route around my blog looking for all the posts.   And NO Di - you are not having my PINK chair!! 

So here are the cards I have made this week which are all Snippets....

Right then.  Gotta get on as I am still in need of more stuff for my stall.  I only found out about it while I was in Prague, then I have been poorly and working full time has all stacked against me but the proceeds are for our local Community Hall so I don't mind at all.  I was going to show you some bookmarks I have made but Blogger/internet is so slow it has taken over an hour to upload these pictures!  Grrr!

Why don't you use up some of your Snippets and make something, show it on your blog and link up with the Lovely Di and join us in the Playground.  We might even let you play in the duck pond!!  Though I have been playing with my kite alot this last week in my new wellies!! 

Whatever you do, enjoy it!




Jo said...

Wow, you have been busy!!Fab layout, gorgeous cards and hope you have a lovely time at the ball!
Jo x

Kate Yetter said...

Lovely cards!!! I especially love the top one! I'll have to check this challenge out!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Good luck with your stall, Sam. I am glad I am not the only one running late this week. I have already missed one deadline tonight with the Less is More challenge. So in the morning I need to get down to sorting out my Snippets for Di. I am also only posting them once a week to save her rooting round through dozens of posts. Your Snippet cards are a lovely varied group this week. See you by the swings on Sunday. Have fun at your ball tomorrow. xx Maggie

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

PS Don't forget it is nearly Rudolph Day again.

Di said...

Brilliant cards Sam - and thanks so much both for the plug and for loading them all into one post. I love all of them for different reasons, although you used one of my favourite PB stamps 'Letters and Flowers' so that one has the edge for me :)

Do enjoy the ball - err, not wearing your new wellies under that fabulous dress I hope? Or riding to the venue on your pink chair?

Di xx

lisa said...

Love your Snippets, Sam. I have that flower and script stamp, forgot all about it, might have to dust it off and give it an ink!
Please can I play with your kite too, otherwise I'll stamp my foot and suck my thumb!!!!!
Have a great time at the ball, shame your Prince Charming won't be by your side.
Hugs Lisax

Sarn said...

Flipping 'eck . . . you've been busy. Great cards here Sam . . . I am especially loving the scripty flowery ones.

I can't believe your other half is missing the Ball. Take EXTRA dance cards and a LARGE pencil! LOL! xxxx Seriously though, I hope you have a FAB time. Dead envious xxxx

Anonymous said...

Good grief Sam, you've been busy! Love the LO at the top, great dress too. And then a plethora of cards to boot with Penny Black and House Mouse, too of my all time favourites! Off to see your new stuff now.


Bernie said...

WOW I agree you have been a busy lady! They are all fabulous but I too love the ones using that 'Letters and Flowers' stamp.