A Little Something About Myself

Hello Bloggers

I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a little about myself.  I am over 21 - yes!  Really!!  I live in the Brecon Beacons in rural Wales with my wonderful Hubby, a one-eyed rescue dog called Dobby, six hens consisting of 3 Light Sussex and 3 ex-battery hens and a hive full of bees.  

I have been crafting in some form or another since I was old enough to hold scissors and a needle.  My Mum was and still is, a great believer that we kids should have a hobby and she taught me to knit, embroider, sew, cook and bake from an early age.  She tried to teach me to crotchet but we gave up on that idea! Thanks Mum! 

This blog is all about my love of crafting in many forms.  I am a typical Gemini and I tend to have many projects on the go and I flit from one to another so be warned!  

I love love love comments so please feel free to leave me a comment and I will come and visit you so I can have a peek into your crafting life and see what you are up to.  

Thanks for visiting me on my blog.  I hope you like what you see.


Hettie aka Sam!


Pumpy said...

Hi Hettie, It is amazing how many of us crafters have always been that way inclined, we simply have to have something to do one way or the other. Glad you are over 21 so am I. many years over. LOL.
So you live in Wales I live in South Africa. xxxx

MaryH said...

I'm with Pumpy...a bit over 21 myself. Quite a bit. Quite a LOT as a matter of fact! But I wouldn't go back to 21...I like the age I am now...RETIRED! Enjoyed hearing a bit about you.