Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WOYWW 155 - Tidy Desk

Hello Peeps

Happy Wednesday, Happy Hump Day, Happy Half-Way-Through-The-Week Day and of course, Happy WOYWW Day!  Yeay!  It is that time of the week when a bunch of Bloggers take a picture of their desk, link it up with the lovely Julia Dunnit and then take part in the biggest blog hop of the week! 

Here is my desk, but before you look, if you are of nervous disposition, look away.  And Sandra, sit down!  My desk is tidy!  

You will see Monkey has a new "seat".  This started out as the "naughty pot" but he actually likes it on top of my Christine Helmuth multi medium pot as he can see more goings on on the desk!  Those brown file type things hold some photos of my Hubby when he was a young man, which I am planning to scrap next (probably Saturday as I understand it is Eurovision!) Those pretty pink ribbons are from Waitrose Di (just to save you asking me).  Oops, you can see an empty wine glass and Yes I was drinking on a school night.  Who can blame me as we actually sat on the patio to eat our tea and it seemed right to have a glass of grape juice with our fish stew!  

And not only is my main desk tidy.... but the second desk is tidy too!!  Woooo Hoooo!

I have my little Buddy coming up tonight to do some more work on an album we started a few weeks ago, based on a Laura Denison type book, but using paper carrier bags which we get free!  We have even claimed two large books to make the covers before they go off to the great library in the sky!  I will show you more when we are ready for a show'n'tell!  

So.  You know what to do.  Leave me a comment (if you are over the shock of not one but two tidy desks) then hop on over to Julia and have a good nosey at some other bloggee's desks.

I will be over to see you later, once I have finished my day job, and only when I know I don't have mod podge on my sticky mitts! 

Hello to Gay too, my latest Follower.  Nice to have you along!  





Lisa said...

2 tidy desks.... lets hope they get messy soon! lol
Happy WOYWW day
Lisa #16

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blimey, have I come to the wrong desk?? LOL! Even Minkey looks slightly amazed by all the tidiness :) Now you have to go mess it up again - yeehar!!
Thank you for all the love and support, am back home with my dad in tow for a week. Been sad but good to have him here :)
Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

sandra de said...

Now that is a tidy desk. Your little book looks like a great project.
sandra @57

Jules said...

Tee hee .. .. hadn't seen the wine glass .. .. too busy staring with amazement at all your blending tools.

I have just invested in a second one LOL!!!

I do love a tidy desk .. .. but rarely have one!

Hope you are having a good week.

Love Jules xx

Annie said...

Love to see your 2 tidy desks just waiting to get messy :-)
A x #62

Helen said...

Oh my, so tidy.... 2 tidy desks, I can't cope!! Have a great day. Helen, 17

inkypinkycraft said...

Such tidy spaces!!! Have a fun week hugs trace x 35

france charles said...

two tidy desks! i had to read to make sure you weren't ill or something! lol! hope they get creativily messy while playing with your buddy!
have a happy week :)
france #78 xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Sit down? I nearly FELL DOWN! Good grief woman . . . the grape juice clearly does you good! LOL!

Happy WOYWW.

Have fun crafting with your friend tonight.
Hugs, Sarn xxx

RosC said...

Oh my, what lovely work spaces. I'm inspired to do more organising still. Your book covers look great, so accurately guillotined. Looking forward to the outcome. I've got more time in the coming month which will be a treat. You inspire me.
Ros. #64

Rita said...

Great desks Hettie. Loe the covers you make and hopefully will let us see the finished article please. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita 67

MvM-design said...

Woww tidy desk!
Happy WOYWW Wednesday!!
Quickly to the next desk ;-)
Hugs Marleen #19

famfa said...

Very tidy. I'm guessing that's unusual for you. Books sound good, would like to see them when finished.
Famfa 126

Polly Polkadot said...

I shall have to trawl back through ... what happened to the decorating? I can't see my desk anymore, so you have put me doubley to shame.

Laura said...

I love that Monkey actually looks shocked by the state of the desk!!
Laura 138

Queen Of Toys said...

OMG I am in total shock, yep had to pick myself up off the concrete. Well what can I say, please mess it up again and what have you done to the lady that belongs to that desk. Bring her back.

Eliza #49

CraftygasheadZo said...

Yay you beat me, thought mine was tidy but your 2 win! Take care and enjoy this sunny & warm WOYWW. Zo xx 80

kassa said...

Oh dear, a friend over to craft does this mean the tables will be turned - turned back to their old ways? And the little fellow does look rather pleased with himself perched in his new position.

May said...

O my word what happened were you robbed!!!!(lol) lovely pics.. Hugs May x x#30

kay said...

2 tidy desks ready for action
have a fab woyww
kay #33

Queenie Jeannie said...

Congrats on your super tidy desks!!! long will it STAY that way, is the question! LOL!

Jeannie #75

Kim said...

Oh yes! Quite shocking! LOL! I guess it does have to happen every now and again...and I'm hoping my cycle hits soon; I can't find anything quickly!

fairy thoughts said...

gosh one tidy desk is sad enough but two is just shamefull:)
But I bet you have plans afoot, especially as you say it is eurovision, cant think of anything worse... happy crafting
janet #47

Valerie said...

I'm impressed...TWO tidy desks! Valerie #172