Friday, 24 February 2012

Snippets Challenge - Busy Birthday Month February

Hello Peeps

Time to sign in to the Playground with the lovely Di again! 

I have decided to follow Sandra's example of doing one posting for the Snippets each week so that poor Di does not have to link quite so many cards to her posting.  Poor thing must have typists' cramp by the end of Saturday evening so I have a selection of cards for you to see......

First up was my friends' Emma and Gryff's Anniversary card....
Then another card along the same theme for Joan.  Joan was 90 last Friday!  What is even more amazing is that she still regularly attends the Scottish Dancing Group and still dances!!!  Amazing woman!  I will be one happy bunny if I can still be dancing when I hit 90!! 
Next up is Annie's card.  Annie's birthday was Wednesday and she loved her card.....

I made the little Friends tag removable and printed on both sides of it.  I then handwrote a message on there for her eyes only.  Annie is one of the solicitors who is at my place of work.  Such a lovely lady who will be retiring next month so look out for a retirement card. 

Incidentally, she is Farmer and has chooks so I couldn't resist making her a chicken themed card.  When she opened it she almost immediately asked me to make her one for her friend!!

Next up is Patti's card, whose birthday is today.  Happy Birthday Patti.  A cat lover but I don't think I have any cat stamps and so mice with chocolates will be a good substitute I am sure.  The stamped image is one from my buddy Sandra.

Next up is Gloria's card.  I could not resist butterflies and lots of stamps.  Gloria will be retiring from the firm at the end of next month too - so another retirement card is imminent!!  :-(  Perhaps I should invest in a retirement stamp - any ideas where/which one?

Right then.  That is enough from me for one posting.  I need to pack my stuff for quilting tomorrow and also a dancing lesson and a visit to my folks on the way home.  I think I will need a holiday after all this running around!!  LOL!!

One more picture for you...... we stopped at a coffee shop just before we headed back to the hotel to pick our bags up and wait for the taxi and I could not resist taking a photo of the noticeboard outside.  Enjoy!!

Chow for now!!



Kate said...

Beautiful job, Sam! I think my favorites are Annie and Gloria's cards. Thank you for the get well wishes. I am getting better...slowly. I am glad you liked the clay faces, yes, I made them with a mold.
Happy Weekend!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Good grief . . . HOW productive have you been? VERY!

They are all fabulous too. I really couldn't decide which one was my fave, but I THINK it might have to be the pink and brown butterfly one by a smidge.

But then again . . . I really love the chicken ones too. . . .nice to see your Artemio set in use again! xxx

Di said...

Brilliant selection Sam - please don't ask me to pick a favourite although I think the first retirement card wins by a little squeak :) Have a super weekend - maybe you can untidy your desk!
Di xx

Di said...

Sarn and I were hopping round in here almost together - her comment wasn't here at first and then Mr Blogger did a few little dances trying to sort the pair of us out!
Di xx

Di said...

I got it wrong - I meant Annie's Birthday card of course! The word retirement had stuck in my pea sized brain :)

Bernie said...

Holy cow you've been busy! They are all fantastic! I couldn't pick a fav either but I do love butterflies.
Blessings Bernie

jo said...

Wow, you have been busy!!My fav is the chicken one!
Have a lovely weekend
Jo x

Karen said...

WOW Sam, I love all the cards they are gorgeous :) Love the sign in the coffee shop too, it certainly made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Gosh what a huge pile of snippets! You have been busy since you got back from your holibobs, love em all!